Rockhounding – A Selection of Still Life Photography by Victoria Zschommle

Recently it’s been more and more rare that I write about photography here on the blog. I’m a photographer myself and often document my travels, also photographing for the shop and other projects that I’m working on here for the website. For some reason I always feel like there’s too much glitz and glamor when it comes to photography. A lot of the photography now is linked to interior spaces or fashion for commercial projects, not necessarily a bad thing but the aesthetic doesn’t always sit well with me.

This is why I latched on to this work of Victoria Zschommle, a photographer who splits her time between Australia, France, and the UK. It’s nice to see her fashion and beauty photography, working with clients such as H&M, Burberry, and Swarovski in juxtaposition with her personal projects that are really creative and showcase her skill at creating intrigue using ordinary objects through colour and placement alone.

I think Victoria really embodies a creative lifestyle, this reflects heavily in her work and can be seen quite clearly when browsing her portfolio. The little details make for individual series that straddle all the different creative fields, not an easy feat as a photographer. This series here is a favourite of mine and features unique rocks that are then documented in unique ways. Simple, but very effective! More like this can be seen on her portfolio below. I hope you can take away some of this creative spirit and channel it through your own work.


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