Set of Imagery by Charlotte Bland

English creative Charlotte Bland brings us this charming set of lifestyle photography that she’s captured to highlight the quaint elements that she comes across in her daily activities. She seems to immerse herself in a sea of English tradition with lots of candid shots of homemade products and homegrown produce. It’s nice to see people embracing the typical English lifestyle, Charlottes profile is always a pleasant stop on the rounds through Flickr.

Working with her trusty film camera, Charlotte is able to manipulate soft natural light meaning all of her scenes are filled with great depth and good texture. When you come across imagery like this it’s hard to argue for anything other than a 35mm camera, they just provide such beautiful tones and bags full of character.

I’ve brought across a handful of my recent favorites from Charlotte’s page but I’d really recommend taking a broader view of her portfolio if you’ve got the time. I’ll leave the link just below for those interested, she’s quite a frequent creator of these sorts of looks so if you have a Flickr profile it might be worth following her too.