Set of Imagery by YoungDoo Moon

The stunning film photography by Nick Hand and Andrew Paynter in our latest feature with Hiut Denim got me a little hungry for some more, so I tracked down a set of beautifully captured medium format shots by Korean creative YoungDoo Moon earlier today. This particular set was taken after reading the book of author Robyn Griggs Lawrence and drawing inspiration from the words found in “the wabi-sabi house”. A format that YoungDoo repeats often over on her blog which adds a bit of context and a little of the thought process behind each of these images, something you don’t always get to see.

I was really blown away by the vivid tones and textures in this set, especially when you consider these are perhaps scenes that people pass everyday without a second glance. I guess thats exactly what the concept of Wabi-Sabi is all about really, paying homage to the finer details in life and appreciating what you have. There is such clarity in this set which is a great reminder to me that I must invest in a decent medium format camera someday soon. They just seem to throw out magnificent results in natural lighting and it’s evident that YoungDoo has absolutely mastered her equipment to get the most out of it.

I’d recommend following her blog if you aren’t already. In the mean time why not bring a little of the natural world to your desktop which is exactly what I’ve just done with one of YoungDoo’s images as a screensaver, which by the way looks absolutely smashing.

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