Set of Imagery from Bas Princen

Since there’s been so much great film floating around recently we haven’t showcased too much photography, so when I stumbled across the captivating portfolio of Bas Princen this morning it made for quite a refreshing change. Bas is based in Rotterdam and is currently represented at the Van Kranendonk Gallery which is also situated in the Netherlands. Having studied Architecture previously Bas often leans towards this passion in his photographic work, with many frames inspired by the construction process of large urban builds.

Back in July Dezeen released a short film at the Design Academy in Eindhoven where Bas made a small speech about his work as a photographer. Within this he spoke of contrasting man-made construction against our natural environment, which is something I think is quite noticeable in the series we have here given the context. I think it would be incredibly inspiring to sit down with Bas and have him explain in detail the story and concept behind each image, he’s seems to have travelled the world over in creating his portfolio.

The majority of the work we have here has been captured while touring China, with various constructions taking place in preparation for the Olympics. If you’d like to see more looks from China, Egypt, America, and Europe head across to the Van Kranendonk Gallery page linked just below.