Set Of Imagery From Daniel Southard

Photographer Daniel Southard has been impressing me with his work of late, these layered looks are really eye pleasing so I’ve brought them across for us all to view. I’m a fan of the richness of colour that Daniel captures in his photos, he seems to be a great advocate of natural lighting which is always nice to see.

I think one of the main things that struck me about Daniel’s work was how unforced and natural his works really do feel. He’s gone for a double exposure type image in a couple of these, and they look so precise and subtle that it’s hard to tell that he’s experimented with this style.

I like the fact that this set is shot entirely in the great outdoors which tends to bring a peaceful mood into the series. It’s quite easy to sit back and enjoy this sort of photography while relaxing at the end of a long day. For more from Daniel Southard you can head towards his Flickr page via the link below.