Set of Imagery from Freunde von Freunden

Freunde von Freunden are a collective that we’ve shared in the past, and they’ve been known for their insightful short films in which they interview various inspiring creatives. I’m quite an avid follower of their work as I think there is something quite inviting about hearing a creative individual talk about their work in the comfort of their own working space.

When viewing the Freunden site recently I was reading through some of the additional content they had created on location, and noticed the abundance of lifestyle imagery the team have been archiving. I’ve brought across some of my personal favorites for us all to admire because I think they deserve to be shared.

It’s great to be around open minded individuals and to be immersed in that sort of mindset where each day brings forward new ideas. We are quite lucky really to have the opportunity to interview the likes of Dennis Paphitis, the founder of Aesop, Roy Slaper of Roy Denim, Nigel Cabourn and many other inspiring individuals, with each of these sharing common ground in the eye for fine detail. If you’ve got the same refined tastes and enjoy these I’d definitely recommend heading towards the Freunde von Freunden page to view a little more.