Set Of Imagery From Iban Ramon

Photographer Iban Ramon brings us this set of imagery which contains a running theme of wilderness throughout, with some nice looks at the rural areas of Iban’s homeland, Spain. As many of our regular readers will know Iban’s work has been featured on our format before as one of my personal favourites, he really does look to photograph everything and anything, finding beauty in the most average and everyday objects around us that many of us take for granted each and every day.

I personally think it takes a fair measure of talent to take something that we are completely familiar with on a day to day basis, such as a road sign, and frame it as the main attraction while in turn getting a very positive response to his work. The concept of photography for many is based around seeing objects, people, and places foreign to them, Iban seems to flip this idea on it’s head in a large portion of his portfolio.

The set I’ve brought across here is like the majority of Iban’s work, it’s shot completely in the open air. He seems to be somewhat of an avid explorer, which I can relate to myself, if you enjoy these here I’d recommend heading over to his Flickr page for more.