Set of Imagery from Sachie Mucuge

What I enjoy most about the work we collate here is that it’s so diverse in terms of it’s sources, one day we could be sharing a brand which has a really rich heritage and the next an individual that perhaps many of us have not heard of before. It’s this very freedom to express new ideas that initially drew me towards the work of Japanese creative Sachie Mucuge, as this candid free flowing form of creativity is something I can really relate to myself.

It’s so easy to wander around with a trusty film camera and focus on the intricate details of an environment, be it nature or some craft elements like Sachie has captured below. Reading about Sachie over on Flickr I was surprised to hear that she actually develops her own images also, working in a photo lab as her day job, so she clearly has a burning passion for film photography.

This set has put me just in the right frame of mind to go out and get busy with our favourite Pentax, making the most of the snow outside with some detail shots of products for the store. So whilst we go mix buisness with a little pleasure I bid you all a great day today, hopefully these images here will also encourage you to go out and get a little creative.


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