Set of Portraits by Aaron Feaver

Aaron Feaver is a photographer we’ve come across previously and have enjoyed his work before, although now it seems as if he’s grown into fashion photography a little more since I last viewed his portfolio. In the past he didn’t seem to capture too many portraits which was a shame because viewing these is all the evidence you need to argue his undeniable talent for portraying a persons persona through a photograph.

In all honesty I’m not surprised he’s made the transition, as he’s always had an eye for detail and I think this style suits him perfectly as he’s often gone for more of a natural approach in his photos. Aaron as a photographer seems more of a documenter than a fabricator of scenes to me, as his photos feel so genuine and unworked.

His previous work seemed to be more about him exploring his surroundings and the capabilities of his equipment, I think when you come from this standpoint you’re more interested in what you can find in your viewfinder than creating something eye pleasing in front of it, that isn’t really real. If you enjoy what we have here I’d recommend heading across to his portfolio and enjoying a little more, he’s got quite a range of portraits over there.

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