Set of Portraiture from Photographer Jody Rogac

Jody Rogac is a creative that we’ve crossed paths with previously, we’ve even showcased some of her work before but we didn’t directly speak on her involvement, more that of the Dana Lee’s menswear collections that she’s beautifully shot over the years. So browsing over her portfolio today I realised how overdue Jody was a dedicated spot that highlighted her portrait photography alone, so here it is for us all to admire and enjoy.

One of the significant elements in Jody’s captures that I particularly enjoy is the sense of personality that she brings into her photos, it’s not just the style of her subjects the she is highlighting it’s also the thoughts and feelings of these individuals. I’ve selected this set because I think each is a prime examples of this, take the bottom image of Adam Gopnik for instance, I love the intenseness of his stare which seems almost a little anxious.

Looking at another element, the lighting is brilliant and it’s hard to describe just how right Jody get’s this, so subtle and flattering to the skin tones and fabrics. It’s that good I’d question whether it was studio lighting at all because of how natural it is, there seems little alternation in colour from that of daylight which is pretty rare to find in modern day studio photography.

I think if you had to narrow down Jody’s work to a handful of words it would have to be authentic, natural and beautiful, for me her work really is the pinnacle of what great studio photography should be. I’ve often said in the past that I’m not a fan of the majority of studio work because it often feels forced and setup, Jody’s studio work doesn’t at all. It’s every bit as honest, genuine and enjoyable as it possibly could be. So why not head on through to her portfolio and take in a little more inspiration, I’m sure you wont be disappointed.

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