Set Of Stills From Harry Bloom

Avid photographer Harry Bloom has been sharing some impressive 35mm images over on Flickr, I thought it was about time to bring them across for everyone to see. As far as I’m aware Harry is of no relation to the well known filmmaker Philip but he definitely carries the same fascination for the visual, showcasing some vivid looks built on a foundation of solid composition.

To be honest this is a little bit of a mixed bunch that I’ve brought across but they each appealed to me in their own unique way, I love the sense of tranquility and open space In Harry’s photos. He seems to really embrace the idea of the still photograph clearing his viewfinder of busy elements and focusing in on a select few layers in his surrounding environment.

The fourth one down features a complete scene that is in essence the perfect summers day. It seems so untouched and perfect, without the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Don’t take my word for it though, enjoy these here then head toward either Harry’s Flickr or Tumblr for more of the same.