Set Of Stills From Lukasz Wierzbowski

I’m absolutely in awe of these stunning set of stills from photographer and creative mind Lukaz Wierbowski. I stumbled across them earlier and they pretty much made my day.

The Polish native recently had his work published by Pogo Books and his printed pieces are now available to buy for a pretty affordable price. I was impressed with the selection of creative works they had to offer, perhaps I’l be purchasing something from them soon.

Back on topic with what Lukasz has here, and I think it was the muted colours really caught my attention. Especially when combined with the subtle yet captivating expression put across by his various subjects. Another thing I love in this small series is the great build up of textures in each frame, creating something so crisp and precise which isn’t screaming out for attention.

For me works like these are pretty timeless, and will go on being appreciated for their craft and imagination for years to come. Technology is always evolving and developing but with looks created like this, film will in my opinion always hold it’s own.