Short Film on Photographer: Mikael Kennedy

This is a bit of a short project by all accounts but I really resonated with the individual the film was based on, so hopefully a few of you do also, being fellow creative minds and all. The film basically speaks of Mikael Kennedy’s realisation of becoming a professional photographer in New York city, and the journey he’s had to take in order to fulfil this goal. I’d imagine many of you can relate to this in that there’s often situations where sacrifices have to be made in order to reach where you want to be career wise.

It brought a smile to my face when Mikael began to speak about the places he’s explored with his camera, and the point where he learned carrying his equipment was “a passport to trespass” as he puts it. So many times myself and Mark have landed ourselves in odd situations through exploring with our cameras, one particular time that sprung to mind was when we came across a traditional Gypsy camp and I’m sure a few of you have been in similar situations in the past as well.

Mikael actually decided to document lots of these scenarios through a polaroid project in 1999 and began sharing these with the internet through a dedicated blog in 2006. These images have found their way into over ten of his own books, most of which have completely sold out on his webshop. If you’re looking for a little inspiration to grab your camera and go exploring yourself I think his website is a great place to start.

Personally with the summer months gradually easing into warmer weather now I’m super excited to get out and about to see what I can find, especially after putting together our latest product feature. Why not make the most of the weekend and capture a few photos or even a series yourself, if you’ve got the time, just don’t forget your passport. Watch below and have a great weekend!

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  • lori kiessling

    this is nice. it is true how you can use that camera excuse all the time. you can almost get in anywhere and say ‘oh sorry photography student…”. that’s a nice way explore places i think. or get invited into homes etc etc.

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