The Wonders of Nature – Landscapes Captured by Brooke Holm

No matter how beautiful art can be, there is little that can truly compare to the beauty of nature. Brooke Holm takes this beauty to the next level by incorporating it into her artwork, exploring the bond between humans and nature through her dramatic landscapes captured by her camera.

Her focus on fragility and sustainability builds a deeper awareness of climate change and the affect it is having on the environment. In some of the scenes the sea meets the sand, also explorations of the moon, mineral matter and the Arctic. The outcome is a somewhat psychedelic closeup of the elements dramatised with black and white colours and muted sepia tones.

Holm’s creations push the limits of our imagination. She captures images of nature that not only blur the line between photography and art, they show us the potential of our own planet and the beauty found within it. Let’s make sure we don’t take it for granted!

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