Walls of Solace – Architectural Photography Captured by Mia Delcasino

Our ability to be altered by any art form is always intriguing. Connecting the viewer to their senses, body, and mind. American artist James Turrell has been a house favourite here thanks to his skill at using light and space to alter the way we perceive the world. Architect Tadao Ando is also special, crafting unique experiences through his structures, large expanses of concrete that echo and reverberate, piercing your core.

Mia Delcasino’s work reminded me of Ando’s architecture but distilled down through her photography. An obvious nod are the minimalist concrete structures, but even more striking is her consistent tone running through each series in her portfolio. As soon as I stepped foot on her webpage I knew we shared much in common. This particular series here titled ‘Walls of Solace’ focuses on line, texture, monochromatic hues and is influenced by the Japanese tradition of Wabi Sabi. I would also recommend viewing her ‘Seascapes’ series that is really stunning and turns to nature as a source of inspiration.

This sense of quiet and stillness is what’s so fascinating. Anything that slow downs the thoughts, makes them more streamlined and focused is becoming rarer in today’s world. It’s a little sad that a rest bite is becoming more rare, especially in the cities, but that’s why I appreciate creatives such as Mia Delcasino for taking their time to carefully document this through their work, capturing this ‘peace of mind’ that I think we all crave so much.