Watching You Watch Me by Moa Karlberg

Moa Karlberg is a Swedish photographer who lives and works in Stockholm. She takes on a variety of different projects, but this specific series I picked out is titled Watching You Watch Me.

The concept of these photos is to discover how a photographer can get up close and personal without acting illegally ie. not breaching someones human rights. It’s always a tough question, but at the end of if the pictures are taken in a public place then the artist or creative can publish them in whatever way they feel like.

Concept aside, I personally liked this project because of the quirkiness in which it brought to the table. Moa has taken portraits of people through a mirror, where they are totally unaware of a camera inside. They are basically looking at a reflection of themselves. I thought it was a genius idea to capture a human in this state, it’s like they are looking at you through the mirror but actually they are checking what they look like, freaky stuff. I’ve only used a few images out of a whole series, so I recommend checking out her portfolio website for more.

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