Wimbledon by Brian Ferry

I’m a big fan of Brian Ferrys photography, especially his blog, where he showcases his day to day on-goings in London. This time he supplies us with a beautiful set of photography from the famous tennis event that is Wimbledon, which finished on Sunday.

He says “Last week, i was incredibly lucky and we snagged centre court tickets for the wimbledon mens semi-finals. Ever since i can remember, I’ve loved watching wimbledon on television and i do believe that last july, the fact that wimbledon had ended the week before influenced my decision to accept the offer to move to london. Ive always loved it, the history, the grass courts, the unbelievable stories that often come out of this tournament.”.

And i think he does a stunning job at showcasing the aesthetics of this event, the heritage and the stylish element it brings forward. When brands like Ralph Lauren play on the tennis trend, it really intrigues me.

So i decided to showcase this set, but I recommend going over to his blog. Where he explains the day, and you also get some extra imagery on-top. Perfect.

View the rest of the set on Brian’s blog here – www.bferry.wordpress.com