At the Edge of Landscape – Ceramic Sculpture by Brigitte Marionneau


For some reason I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the way in which some artists mimic their sculpture on objects that can be found in nature. This seems to be especially prevalent in clay, I’ve seen it a number of times where a maker has used rocks as inspiration to form vessels. So when I came across the work of French creative Brigitte Marionneau it seemed to fit nicely with my current pattern of thought.

In my opinion the link between this material and this concept is that it’s easy to manipulate, but there’s also something quite poetic about mud being shaped in to a form that represents nature. This imagery presents some work from her collection titled “At the Edge of the Landscape”, which is fairly relevant considering the unique surfaces, also their monolithic appearance. It’s almost as if these have been found in a hidden place on the boundary of land and sea that only few get to discover.

So impressive are her ceramic skills you can be fooled in to thinking these are real. And I suppose this is part of the magic, it really adds to the intrigue behind them as works of art. This simplicity and refinement is something I would like to strive for in my own work, not only that but she’s been able to capture the true essence of the object that she’s trying to capture. Brigitte says that her surroundings are her inspiration, so what better way to leave you then than with this fitting quote by Constantin Brancusi, “My country is the earth that turns, the breeze, the passing clouds.” Enjoy.








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