Ceramic Sculptures by Claire Muckian

The past few weeks have seen a mini influx of ceramic work into the shop, with some remarkable creations from both Japan and here in Europe. Perhaps this has taken the edge off work we’ve been coming across for the blog as I haven’t noted too many functional wares that have really stopped me in my tracks. One creative that does work with ceramics caught my attention today however and her name is Claire Muckian who’s based in Belfast where she creates a range of sculptural projects for the gallery scene. Although we tend to lean towards work that can be used in the everyday scenario I still appreciate the skill and craft of creations like Claire’s, especially with the structure we see in the imagery here.

Many of these pieces are based upon sketches Claire does prior to coiling and pinching the clay into delicate shapes, a completely different technique from the majority of handmade functional wares. This is certainly not a quick process and takes lots of patience to construct anything small, let alone anything the size Claire has been putting together. To me it seems like she has taken influence from architecture in the majority of the work we are highlighting here, the top image isn’t too dissimilar to the tower of Pisa minus the lean, but maybe this is just my imagination?

Either way I’m glad I’m not the one that’s responsible for firing these large yet delicate structures, you can see that Claire has really slaved away making these perfectly smooth and symmetrical, firing must be a rather nail biting time. If you enjoy what we’ve got here I’d recommend casting your eye across the rest of Claire’s portfolio, here you’ll find many other weird and wonderful shapes. I’ll leave the link for this just below for you to peruse in your own time. Enjoy!


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