Coloured Fragments – Acrylic Prism Sculptures by Artist Phillip Low

It’s a real talent to make work that makes you consider the overall meaning of it and where it sits in the world. I think we are quick to put things in a box and confine it to one particular area of design or art, I’m guilty of it myself, so it was refreshing to view this work by sculptor and all around creative Phillip Low.

Phillip is originally from Vancouver and studied at St Martins School of Art and Design in London, later moving to New York where he currently has a studio. Working in the field of product design, as well as referencing fine art and his love for plastic, made for this exciting collection of sculpture constructed from a colourless acrylic polished to varying degrees. When the light reflects on these sculptures it bounces off in a number of directions, creating unique works of art.

I have to applaud the way in which these have been photographed, they are not only works of art in terms of the craftsmanship that’s gone in to them, the way they are presented is also quite incredible and reminds of abstract art on a canvas. They are also architectural in a way and always changing thanks to the properties and colours in the material. I hope you like these images and will view more on his website linked below.