Deceptive Simplicty – Stone Sculpture by Australian Artist Senden Blackwood

Ever since I started working with clay and ceramics on a daily basis I’ve been noticing the harmony that’s needed between both the form and the surface texture and colour. When you’re a novice I think you focus mainly on the form without considering other aspects that you also need to incorporate. As time progresses though this becomes a prominent theme and there has to be a tension between all the of the elements for it to work.

These elegant stone sculptures by Senden Blackwood are quite beautiful, not only for their form, which is deceptively simple, but also the subtle colouring across the surface and the small natural marks that are accentuated. The gold especially caught my attention, reminding me of Kintsugi technique in ceramics where broken items are fixed using a lacquer resin with gold added. This influence can clearly be seen in these sculpture by Senden Blackwood.

Blackwood is an Australian sculptor and has been heavily inspired by his previous study in jewellery and object design, as well as his family background in architecture, painting and illustration. The simplicity found in his work is the result of reduction and refinement, balancing all the different lines in these sculptures to create a feeling of levitation, rising towards the sky or sitting subtly on the surface. I’m a big fan and I recommend you view his portfolio to see more, there’s plenty on show. Enjoy.