Divided Self – A Selection of Sculptures & Wooden Objects by Eske Rex

These pieces of work that are integrated in to the architecture of a build are very inspiring indeed. Even though they were produced a number of years ago they still feel relevant now and look like the kind of works that are sure to be contemporary in years to come. All made and designed by Danish creative Eske Rex, who lives and works in Copenhagen, they are works where architecture, art, design, and craft are all intertwined to make sculptural installations that intrigue.

I was especially drawn to the series ‘Divided Self’ and ‘Measuring Space’. Divided Self is a collection of split wooden figures in various shapes which are created by gluing the shells. They then place a magnet in each section which forces them towards each other, only the string keeping them seperated by a few centimetres. Although stationary in the photos, they also rotate and vibrate slightly, making it quite spectacular when viewed in person.

These two series in-particular are striking and quite dramatic, but I also like other more subtle works in their portfolio that use wood in unusual and unique ways. It’s really great to see an artist turn a basics material in to something of substance with underlying meaning. I hope you like these photos from the Eske Rex portfolio and will click the link below to have a look through what else is on offer. Enjoy.