Engineered Motion – Kinetic Sculptures by American Creative Anne Lilly


My career as a kinetic sculptor was short lived. I experimented with wire sculptures and mobile hanging sculptures last year, but the skill and precision needed is quite something. Whenever I see works by Alexander Calder or from other sculptors whose work is in a similar vein I’m always in awe. I think it’s one of those things that you can’t really appreciate until the you participate in creating something yourself. Well American creative Anne Lilly has really elevated the field of sculpture with her own work, taking many of the artistic principles of Alexander Calder and peers and moving this forward on to really intricate and complex engineered works of art.

I suppose this is interesting in itself. What is art and what is engineering? These are all questions which one ponders when looking at these fantastic moving sculptures. In a sense these pieces don’t work as well when they’re static, you really need to see them whilst all the moving elements are working in harmony. Luckily for us Anne Lilly has uploaded all of these on a vimeo account, and I’ve placed one below for you to admire. But I recommend you have a scan through her full portfolio linked below for more.

Lilly’s background is in architecture, which in some ways doesn’t surprise me. These are so fine turned and industrial that they are not only a work of art in the way they move, they’re a work of art in the precision and engineering required. These are pieces that you could look at for hours and hours, surprising you with every movement. Enjoy.