From Our Perspective – Sculpture by Swedish Artist Bo Arenander

Perspective, a Stockholm-based studio that hand picks a curated selection of objects from around the world, was founded by Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic in 2016. Their mutual interests in all areas of design brought them together to create an art space that could bring new ideas to the public. For 2018 they have collaborated with Bo Arenander for Stockholm Design Week to produce a series of sculptures that are made from stoneware clay.

Bo Arenander is a craftsman who has worked in both Stockholm and New York and has been intrigued for over 15 years by the negative space found between the positive forms in his paintings. As far as I can see his main form of expression is found in painting, which is often playful and erratic, but his sculpture is much more streamlined and minimalistic. Obviously a point of intrigue for me.

The collection itself has been inspired by the human body, hoping to represent this form in an abstract manner. He has certainly achieved this with his long textured sculptures that are flowing and upright, sticking to black and white has helped with the boldness of the sculptures. It’s no mean feat to create clay sculptures of such size and power, so I have a lot of respect for Bo Arenander. Here are a small selection from the Pespective website but more can be seen on the link placed below. Enjoy.