Inspired by the Details – Botanical Sculptures by Trine Drivsholm

From the labyrinthine of veins on certain ferns to the almost microscopic parts of moss, the anatomy of plants is quite extraordinary. Danish artist Trine Drivsholm has spent countless hours studying this world of beautiful detail and has crafted an entire range of sculptures inspired by plants and their intricate structure. The result is a body of work that mimics nature with the most delicate tones emphasising soft, wavy organic lines.

Drivsholm’s ‘Botanical Structure’ series consists of glass sculptures in unique and fascinating forms. What’s interesting is that she mostly uses recognisable forms such as vases as a starting point for her sculptures, and then explores how the glass can shift and change during the making process. Drivsholm first considers the aesthetic properties the vessel has to offer before exploring how each piece will come together. The result are artistic pieces that can be admired solely for their beauty alone.

The pieces from this range all mimic the small cells of plants and their varying structures and rhythms in patterns and shapes. Looking at the pieces is similar to looking at enlarged leaves; The surface is almost transparent emphasising the delicate nature found outside. The colours she uses is also soft and subtle, ensuring the details of the pieces remain the focus.

All made of coloured components and canes, which are then carefully fused together to create these cell-like formations. The use of glass for this concept was certainly a clever choice as it brings an element of value and high quality to the pieces, highlighting the significance of nature and our propensity to overlook it.

Drivsholm has won various awards for her work, including the Silkeborg Kunstnerlegat Artist award. Her designs have also been included in several public collections, including the Denmark Glasmuseum Ebeltoft and the National Arts & Design Collection in Denmark. All are well deserved and we hope you will go over to her webpage via the link below where she has produced plenty of other series with similar beauty.

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