Kinetic Sculpture & Melodic Chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Chimes by L&G Studio 8

Mobiles and hanging objects can often be seen as a foray in to the world of art and design. I regularly feature these to add a playful element to the work that we highlight here, you can’t have a minimal aesthetic without the addition of colour and shape. But the overall simplicity is still there in some form or manner.

I particularly like mobiles for their dynamic and spontaneous movement. There’s something quite spiritual and meditative about viewing a sculpture like this, the juxtaposition of simple materials like metal and wood entrance and interact with the viewer. It’s a total experience and creates an environment where objects cast shadows and reflect light. Basically ordinary materials filling a space in an extraordinary way.

When I spotted these handmade chimes by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio I had to pull them up for the blog. They’ve mixed numerous materials, such as stained glass, brass and leather, to create unique abstract compositions. Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee, their goal with the studio is to find unexpected pairings of material and function. Overall, I’m very impressed with their approach towards the design process, exploring a mixture of ideas and not being afraid to step in to unchartered territory. I hope to bring this attitude in to the way that I work, for now enjoy these fantastic pieces of creativity below.

Chimes by L&G Studio 7
Chimes by L&G Studio 2
Chimes by L&G Studio 6
Chimes by L&G Studio 9
Chimes by L&G Studio 3
Chimes by L&G Studio 5
Chimes by L&G Studio 4
Chimes by L&G Studio 1
Chimes by L&G Studio 10