Monolithic Ceramics Vessels by Turi Heisselberg Pedersen


Danish potter Turi Heisselberg creates these stunning ceramic vessels which are both flowing and architectural. Her simplicity and eye for clean lines is instantly appealing, using variations on archetypal forms such as vases and pots, then manipulating the geometric shapes using a number of methods to create a functional and sculptural looking object.

One way in which they’re manipulated is through surface texture, using incised lines to dramatic effect, alongside earthy tones that make the vases appear monolithic. Turi has been able to tame all of these unique elements and control them in a clear and concise way, which is so often the case with Danish ceramics, both past and present. Lets just say she cuts right to the essential.

Turi titles her work using words like ‘growth’, ‘bulb’ and ‘tubers’, each insinuating a linkage to nature. In mimicking certain plants and rocks she’s able to create unusual textures and characterful shapes that might otherwise seem static or ordinary. So I decided to place up a nice selection of photos courtesy of the Turi Heisselberg website and Galerie Maria Lund, I hope you find these pieces appealing and they generate some new thoughts for your own work.