Movement in Stone – Flowing Sculptures by Egyptian Artist Armen Agop


As you would have guessed from much of the content seen here on the blog, as well as the products sold in our shop, that I’m often drawn to Japan and East Asia for this part of the worlds sensibility when it comes to art and design. I like the simplicity, but I also admire their appreciation for nature and the material that they’re working with.

That’s not to say that individuals from other countries don’t also have a similar mindset. I’m regularly finding fantastic creatives from Australia, also Scandinavian countries that have a strong interest in pure, natural forms. But artist and sculptor Armen Agop’s birth place and roots are far removed from this, his ancestors being Armenian, he grew up in Egypt which enabled him to become interested in the repetition of form. Interestingly taking inspiration from dunes in the desert.

These sculptures derive from nature itself, forms guided by his upbringing and memory. Using granite, this stone is the ultimate contrast to the ever moving sand or flowing energy of the desert, it’s almost as if these curved shapes are a moment in time captured for all to see. I picked out a few of my favourites here for you to enjoy, but I’d recommend flicking through all the series on his website as they’re very impressive and will certainly inspire. They’re simple, contemporary, and very precise.