Objects of Purity – KOSE Milano by Italian Designer Rosaria Rattin


I spent a small portion of my weekend researching the work of Japanese potter Taizo Kuroda. I’ve wrote about his ceramics in the past, and was particularly entranced by this video of him at work. I found it interesting how he’s taken his minimalism and has attached it to the the spaces around him, it led me to these sculptures by designer Rosaria Rattin.

Although not a skilled potter like Taizo, what Rosaria has been able to achieve is a nice balance between the architectural qualities of her shapes and the crafted element running throughout. She said that the “KOSE” collection was created to rediscover ancient artisanal handcrafting in this new technological age that we live in. Trying to create objects that are pure, both in shape and material, using fine clay, wood and gauze. This collection is produced in Italy entirely by hand, using old craft techniques to help keep the link alive, but the designs are all conjured up by Rosaria herself.

For me these sculptural forms have beautiful pantone colours and I’m an admirer of the overall aesthetic. It’s not too surprising then that Rosaria was trained as an architect in Venice, later turning to fashion design as a more expressive outlet. I guess these creations are a middle ground of the two. Here’s a few of my favourite photos of this collection, to view more like this head on over to the company website linked below.