Short Film on Sculptor Richard Serra

Short Film on Sculptor Richard Serra image

You might have noticed the blog going a little quiet over the past few days, I just want to come through and apologise on that front. I hadn’t come across a project that has really gripped or enticed me, and we feel compelled to try and offer something insightful here when we do post. Which is why I’ve waited and thankfully found this short film on sculptor Richard Serra as he graces new ground in his work, erecting his first sculpture in South America. If his name hasn’t already stuck a chord with you he’s regarded as one of the most iconic and established artists in his field, creating large scale sheet metal structures that are noted for their minimalist approach. Today I’m highlighting his latest creation titled ‘Cambuhy’, which is an evolution of his previous project named ‘band’ that consists of several twists and turns in unison.

As Richard will explain further in the video below, an acquaintance of his showed a great admiration for the preceding work and he felt compelled to take the concept of this and stretch its limitations a little further. The resulting experiment unfolds within the film as the structure is transported and connected once more having been fabricated prior to this in a large warehouse I’d imagine. The sheer scale and mass of Richard’s work is what gives them their initial impact, however they have great delicacy and theory within them when you look behind the face of each project he undertakes.

Personally I love the ambition and imagination that Richard has to turn his large scale experiments into a viable career. I always try to take a casual interest in his work when a new project is undertaken because he really does strive to push the boundaries of what has existed previously. Mr Serra certainly will go down as one of the most iconic sculptors of his generation, so if I were you I’d take a moment to consider his latest project and perhaps take a little influence in your own day to day work. Don’t just take my word for it though, press play below and see what you think for yourself.