Tessellated Arrangements – Sculpture & Works on Paper by Artist Matt Calderwood

As a creative who was taught graphically I often find myself attracted to works that are bold and striking, I’m not sure why but they really speak to me. It doesn’t have to use any colour, it can literally be the simplicity in the shapes used and their construction, thus making the form look aesthetically pleasing. I think this was why I was instantly drawn to the work of artist Matt Calderwood from Northern Ireland.

Matt has been experimenting with tessellated forms that often stack elements in unique patterns without any breakage. What intrigued me was how he has been able to incorporate and experiment with different materials whilst pursuing this concept, such as rubber, plywood and concrete. I suppose the concrete ones stand out for me because they feel monolithic and also reference architecture.

To coincide with the sculptures Matt has been making prints that are placed around the gallery when exhibited. Although simple, the boldness of them on paper I think gives us a glimpse in to the attraction of these sculptures and why people admire them. Here are few of my favourite works from Matt Calderwood, more can be found on his portfolio linked below.