Translating Human Form – Sculpture by British Artist Rory Menage

There are so many things about the human form that we look to as key points of reference. Our eye is great at picking out features and the more detailed the form the more we become adjusted to seeing those kind of curves or indents. So what happens when you take away those lines and details, leaving only the necessary? How do we differentiate a human form to an actual human and the components that make out a face or figure.

British artist Rory Menage has been exploring this in detail through his series of busts from cast iron. Although the busts themselves are interesting I found the surface choices especially thought provoking. Previous series use this metal as it naturally turns orange thanks to natural forces, even dripping colour can be seen running down the bust causing you to look at these forms as withered away or maybe even deceased. Rory’s newer series uses a white mineral called Alabaster carved in block-like formations that are even more abstract in form. Almost the bare essentials to make out such a figure.

Very unique to see such a transformation in his work and it makes me happy that such a sculptor is always experimenting within the boundaries he has set. I can’t wait to see what other materials and processes he plans to explore in the near future. You can support Rory’s talent by click through to his website on the link below or following him on Instagram. He’s certainly one to watch.