Vibrant Shifting Tones – Handcrafted Glass Sculptures by Rhoda Baer


The more I work with colour the more I’m able to appreciate others artists use of colour and the immense amount of work that they put in to achieve them. Especially to get them working cohesively. I think new creatives fall in to two categories, either colour is used excessively, this can lead to colour clashing, or a category on the other end of the scale, which I myself fit in to.

Even though I don’t have an eye for colour and always tend to veer towards minimalism, which also follows my ethos of less is more, there are many occasions where colour is essential. With time and lots of practice I’m starting to develop an eye for a subtle colour range, which I think has been achieved here quite brilliantly by Rhoda Baer. Her glass forms use vibrant shifting tones that interact with each other. None of which are overpowering, but really work together to create a whole.

Rhoda Baer has been working with glass for over ten years, and uses her career as a photographer to inspire a lot of her concepts in glass. Often her work bounces between the two, and she is influenced by minimalist perspectives. This particular series was inspired by the Northern Lights, and explores interaction of light, movement, colour and form. Rhoda precisely cuts the segments of glass and joins them together, which leads to these fantastic glass sculptures. I hope you like them and will appreciate more of her works on her website. Enjoy.