Wire Sculptures by Rodger Stevens

It’s great when you come across artists and creatives who’re doing something completely different to the trends that are already out there, I’m always intrigued by these new ways of thinking. Over the past year I’m positive that I’ve become more obsessed with form on the whole and the shape of objects, designers like Harry Bertoia are particularly inspiring who’ve dabbled in mixed media. Actually, I think it really adds to the palette when you’re an all rounder instead of just single minded in one category. For example here we always post about a mixture inspirations and lately I feel much better for it, I seem to be really defining my taste and extending my knowledge. As you probably know Bertoia used to play around with wire a lot and created some iconic chairs with welded steel rods, well this post is pointing to a more current individual by the name of Rodger Stevens, but he’s really came through with the goods in my opinion. An inspiring array of wire sculpture through this fantastic imagery seen above and below, we even get an inside look at his studio which is just plastered left, right and centre with his creations.

Rodger studied at the Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts in New York, in his early years he actually spent six years at Sotheby’s working hard, now he’s a widely exhibited artist. His drawings and sculptures have appeared in a variety of galleries and publications worldwide, commissions include Yohji Yamamoto, MTV and Persol, just to name a few. In fact he’s highly admired in the art scene and I can easily see why, he’s got this unique style about him, his sculptures are quite wild and flamboyant at first sight but when you look at them closely you can really see the details and admire the flowing forms. I find following the wires around is quite pleasant and soothing. It’s also nice how you can make lots of shapes and images out of these objects, I’m positive everyone has a different opinion on what they can see which is another great way to spark a conversation between creatives.

Overall you’re sure to take something away from this selection of images, even if it’s just through his studio above that’s wonderfully arranged (or not arranged, if that’s the case). I think it represents his sculpture quite well and maybe trickles down into his own life, it’s the way he lives, to express himself and convey his thoughts in to the real world environment. Also, one thing to note is that anyone can pick up some wire and play around with it, obviously what Rodger does is a real art but you don’t have to be good to get started and give it a go. If you want to find out more about Mr Stevens and his work please visit his website via the link below.