Works by Ceramic Artist and Sculptor Andrei Davidoff


Today I’ll be making my weekly visit to the local pottery studio. I’ve been meddling with the idea of producing a teapot on the wheel for a while, so I’ve been watching various tutorials to get an idea of how to make such an object. Like researching any craftsmen, these guys have been doing it for years and years, so it’s fascinating to see them show their skill-set in full flow. Especially the Japanese, who tend to have these traditions running in the family, so it’s almost as if they’re born to do this kind of work.

One fellow that really inspired me was ceramic artist and sculptor Andrei Davidoff. I feel like we’ve featured a number of Australians here on the blog over the last few months, and I’m pleased to see that the craft scene over there is really bubbling with talent in a variety of sectors. Andrei is based in Melbourne and makes most of these pieces that you see above and below on a wheel, a nice touch is that he sources all the clay locally. His functional wares are inspired by a restrained notion of landscape, you can see this in the pots as he likes to let the natural characteristics of the glaze and clay come through. This really gives the work an ‘earthy’ feel, which I find both humble and quiet.

Interestingly Davidoff also likes to dabble in sculpture, most of the forms are architectural and he likes to create site specific installations and minimalist structural additions. His main interest is in ‘rediscovering’ the handmade in architecture, highlighting brickwork, architraves, structurally unnecessary elements and the cavities behind walls and under floors. This is a fantastic subject to explore and gives me some ideas of my own in regards to this way of thinking. Please enjoy these photos provided by talented photographer Clare Plueckhahn, showcasing Andrei himself making on the wheel in his studio in Melbourne. Plenty more can be found on his website via the link below.








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