New Feature – Hiroyuki Sugawara’s Workshop in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

New Feature on Japanese Woodworker Hiroyuki Sugawara-1

A new addition to the feature section is a piece on Japanese woodworker Hiroyuki Sugawara. It’s not the first time that he’s been the topic of conversation this year, but last month I received some new photos of him making so I decided to construct a feature page to showcase them.

I’ve been in conversation with Hiroyuki for at least five years now. At the time I knew him solely for producing smaller works, such as forks and spoons, but since then he’s been turning bigger bowls and dishes for the shop. This feature highlights some of the finer details in his work, from cutting and marking out the blanks, to trimming down the wood on the forks and spoons.

It’s a great contrast to our feature on Maiko Okuno. Her work is very fine, but she mainly uses the lathe to produce her works. On the other hand, Hiroyuki is able to craft very simple, functional tools that have a lot of character, it’s extremely impressive. Anyway, I’ll leave you to browse the imagery on the feature page below, enjoy.

View our feature on Japanese woodworker Hiroyuki Sugawara →




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