New Feature – Inside the Studio of Japanese Metalworker Rieko Fujimoto

It’s been a pretty intense week since we’ve been back from Japan, making sure all orders are fulfilled in the shop and getting back in to our normal routine (not to mention fighting off the jet lag!). But we are finally back on track and any orders in the shop will be sent out the same day or the day after.

A series of photos I’ve been sitting on for a number of weeks are those of Japanese craftsman Rieko Fujimoto, I was lucky enough to visit her studio in Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture. It was great to finally meet her and put a face to a name, so I wanted to share with you the pictures from our visit and give you a little insight in to the production of her ever so popular brass coffee spoon.

Hopefully through viewing the pictures and reading the text on the feature page it will give you an idea of the skill required to make these by hand and the time it takes. Her works really are pieces art that you can use on a daily basis, so please read on below and get inspired.

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