New Feature – Japanese Metalworker Ruka Kikuchi


As you may have read in a previously, we’re working hard to build some features documenting the making process of those craftsman in the shop. I’m being assisted by some other photographers to see what we can come up with, and we’ve just released our first piece on metalworker Ruka Kikuchi (owner and founder of Lue Brass).

Ruka’s a creative fellow who lives and works in Setouch, Japan. Although his job is a metalworker, you can often tell the personality of someone by their home and the objects that they acquire. Much like in Lue’s home-cum-workshop, which has a beautiful selection of natural pottery to compliment his clean and modern cutlery, all of which are handmade.

I don’t want to spoil today’s special feature so you’ll have to head over to our feature section to see more, but hopefully it will give you an insight in to this life and the way in which he works. You can appreciate the time and skill it requires for him to craft each item by hand, a selection of his works are now available to purchase in the shop here.

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