Paintings by Conrad Jon Godly

Many times I have thought about what it would be like to be raised in a different country. As a resident of the Midwestern United States, I have experienced the vast planes and sunlit tree lines of rural expanses. These various stimuli have sensitized me to the natural world, informing my aesthetic and artistic sensibilities. The habitats we step into and out of can affect our perspective and ways of thought in a deep way that is not yet …

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Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky, ‘Suprematism’

I watched quite an inspirational documentary on Zaha Hadid in the week, which included her extraordinary architecture. I’m very much in awe of the fantastic structures that look almost impossible to both build and conceptualise, actually it becomes apparent that a lot of the shapes Zaha uses are too complex for the human mind to even generate. As with any highly acclaimed designer …

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Circular Ceramic Sculptures by Matthew Chambers

Pottery and ceramics is a frequent subject at the moment on the blog, for some unknown reason we both seem to be bumping into a lot of great stuff in this department. Today I came across the work of Matthew Chambers, although I have to warn you before we start, or as you’ve probably noticed already, this stuff is extremely different to your usual ceramic work and could be placed more in …

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