Being a recent graduate of a design college, I now have ample time to thoughtfully consider what drives me as an artist/designer/craftsman and how I want to practice design. The team at STUDIO NEWWORK understands their purpose, and their examples continue to inform my thoughts about how design should be executed. Ryotatsu Tanaka, Ryo Kumazaki and Hitomi Ishigaki, three graduates of the Fashion Institute of Technology, started …

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Architectonic Sculpture by Brian Corr

Sometimes I spend weekend mornings, when it’s quiet around here, looking for creative films and other design content that might be inspiring, not necessarily for the blog but just to keep my mind refreshed and in check. For some reason this week I stumbled in to three or four different glass artists, and each one produces some fantastic works. Obviously, I couldn’t showcase them all so I’ll have to separate them out and present them separate …

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