Ceramics by Jill Shaddock

It’s amazing to see such style and simplicity in makers situated on our own turf, unfortunately it’s not something that we come across here on a regular basis, but these works made by Manchester based Jill Shaddock are very eye pleasing indeed. I originally came across her works on the Snug website, a shop for contemporary craft in
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and the mixture of porcelain ware really blew me away. I’m not …

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Ceramics by Naotsugu Yoshida

Looking back over the past few weeks we’ve been really spoilt in terms of creative talent, it brings me great joy uncovering all these individuals and hopefully I’ll be shining a bit of light on them in terms of exposure. Today we’re going to explore the work of Naotsugu Yoshida, a potter who lives at the foothills of Mt.Fuji, he’s a very talented individual who makes some beautiful pots of all shapes and sizes. Before we get into the …

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