Bathrooms by Agape Srl.

While browsing one of my favorite picture blogs, I came across the image below on the left. The purity and warmth is what stopped my scrolling fingers. All of the images featured on this page come from Agape Srl., an Italian company headquartered in Roncoferraro, Italy (a part of the Mantua province). Agape specializes in bathroom fixtures, all of which have understated qualities that speak boldly when used in correct environments …

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WB Furniture Series by Werner Blaser

It takes some special furniture to get me inspired, I’ve seen so many different pieces over my lifetime that it’s got to the point where it’s hard to spot something new out there. Usually they have to be handmade and crafted, or have a quality backstory, ie be offering something unique and different. A lot of the time you have this contemporary furniture that isn’t really ‘designed’ as such, it’s just been made with the concept of being ‘trendy’, which …

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Metsa Spring Summer 2013 Collection

It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned any clothing here on the site, but I feel like this is a unique collection that’s very much in tune with our own ethos. Metsa isn’t a new project by any means, we put together an interview with owner Markus Uran back in 2011 that’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve got a spare few minutes. I’ve kept in touch with Markus over the years and I’ve always been interested in their ideology, also …

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