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I’ve been meaning to post about Max Lamb for many months now, If I recall correctly I think I wrote a little piece on him a year ago which was about his collaboration with Dunhill on a chair. It was an interesting project but for some reason or another I’ve never got around to posting up more of

I thought I'd bring some ceramics into the fold today as I've been admiring the work of English designer Louisa Taylor and her dainty porcelain creations. I think the finest compliment I can pay Louisa is that her works remind me an awful lot of the understated beauty found within Gwyn Hanssen Pigot

The Levi’s Made Here series is a project we’ve highlighted in the past yet until today I hadn’t noticed any further developments. I’m glad they’ve come through with another short film however as we get introduced to the talented Maura Ambrose who is responsible for Folk Fibers, a company s