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We now move our attention towards an English based designer who has undertaken a project influenced by the design style of Japan, so something that feels quite at home in our archive. Given our admiration for the Japanese style we can be rather predictable with our content sometimes, although we hav

In terms of commercial reach Adidas are of course one of the largest in the world, so it's natural for us as independents to stray away from the work that they do. That's not being critical, just being honest. Today however at risk of sounding like a hypocrite I wanted to support a project they're u

This short by Build, a London-based graphic design studio, has been beautifully produced and crafted. I really enjoyed the pace of this film, you get a real sense of buildup. The whole point of this video, as seen below, is to celebrate the launch of a brand new bespoke typeface created by Dalton Ma