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Here you can see some beautiful creations by Sue Paraskeva, a potter and artist who's situated in the Isle of Wight. I originally came across her a couple of months ago on Vimeo but I decided not to bring the video onto the blog because it had a crazy amount of views and I didn't want to regurgitate

Today I thought I'd bring across a set of works by French ceramic artist Jean Girel, he's a real talent and definitely deserves to be showcased. This specific set of imagery was picked up from his recent exhibition at Maison Gerard, who always do a fantastic job at photographing the objects that the

I was really taken aback this morning by the work of Dutch ceramist Job Heykamp and his beautiful rustic style that makes his creations look fresh from a archaeological find. He's obviously influenced massively by the ceramic work of ages gone by and this shows through the worked surface and coloura

We love supporting companies with integrity and substance at the core of their existence and Heath Ceramics in California fits right into this very mould. They've modernised the project started by Edith Heath back in 1948 to remain ahead of the current market without compromising the legacy Edith le