Found Objects by Katy Krantz

Whilst the office is quickly becoming overrun by small handcrafted miscellaneous objects it felt quite appropriate to highlight the work of ceramic artist and teacher Katy Krantz. This collection I’m highlighting today, which is titled “Found Objects”, has been curated from the offcuts and unused material from around Katy’s studio which she has created into quirky objects packed full of character and charm. This series in fact made up an …

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One Plastic Beach Short Documentary

Heads up to Jason Sondhi of Short of the Week for bringing this captivating short documentary about the waste we produce in the products we make to my attention. I’m not too fond of sharing work that’s already being showcased but this project really resonated with me, I think beyond what could be seen as quirkiness of the couple involved in this project is a really important issue that we all need to be made aware of. I’ve never quite understood …

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