In the Make by Klea McKenna and Nikki Grattan

Continuing on from yesterday’s post on the ever so talented Leslie Williamson I decided I would point out another series which has caught my attention this week. I’m a massive fan of studio visits and this website that I found titled “In the Make” is basically heaven in terms of photography and content. Not only do they take a nice collection of shots at every studio they visit they also interview the creative, giving us an interesting insight into their life and work.

The concept of this website derived from a collaboration between photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan in early 2011. Their idea was to explore artist’s spaces through photography and words, showcasing the processes and influences that inspire these individuals to create on a daily basis. What I find quite fascinating about the different sets is the fact that each one carries its own distinct style and aesthetic, usually some photographers don’t feed off the surroundings as such but I think Klea McKenna does a fantastic job at conveying the message in each piece. That could probably be through her appreciation for fine art as well as photography, also her passion for seeing and viewing art and the inner workings of a workplace.

To point out two of my favourite series is quite hard from the 46 strong features but I’m going to say firstly a piece on Yvonne Mouser, an artist, designer, and maker based in San Francisco. I thought the photography was right inline with my taste, quite minimal and simplistic, her home is very much structured in terms of organisation of objects and items. Another fascinating set was one featuring artist Ali Naschke-Messing in her workspace at the Headlands Center for the Arts, quite random and incredible what she’s doing with the spiritual side of her life. Also it’s interesting to see how this is influencing her own work.

I promise you won’t be disappointed by this great little website, it’s full of surprises! If you’re interested in finding out more I would recommend either visiting Klea McKenna or Nikki Grattan‘s website which showcases more behind each individual and their contributions to this specific project.

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