Warmth of Craftsmanship – Woodworks by Allison Samuels of Two Tree Studios

The reason why I’ve always been attracted to crafts is that they match functionality with artistic style and creativity. There’s also been something appealing about working with natural materials and trying to shape character and style in to them. This is partly why I was drawn to the woodwork of Allison Samuels, an artist who owns a studio called Two Tree Studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Allison’s idea has always been to fuse strong craftsmanship with minimalist design. While studying cabinetry she built up the Two Tree brand, making a selection of wooden boards and utensils in her spare time. She was focused on letting the wood speak for itself and create imperfect forms that look natural on the eye and that the user can adapt to with ease. I certainly think she has achieved this with the lovely works presented here.

I often get asked about the benefits of using crafted objects over those that are mass produced, and my reply is usually always the same. I think that both have their place in home and can be used in combination, crafts just offer that warmth and special touch that mass produced objects don’t seem to provide. I hope you will go on over to the Two Tree Studio website and support Allison’s work, she is a talented maker. Otherwise you can enjoy a few of the pictures I picked out below.