Rearranging Ceramic Forms – SCAPE by Bruce Rowe of Anchor Ceramics

The common theme here seems to work around the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone as a creative. It’s still not easy, but easier in my opinion, to stay within your lane and make works that follow a similar theme to that has come before. I think as you develop in your craft you’re able to expand your view point a little, thinking about the ways in which you can connect different mediums together. This is why I was drawn to this new project by Bruce Rowe of Anchor Ceramics.

Bruce Rowe has been on my radar since 2013 and I have covered him before on the blog here. Back then he was making mainly functional works of art, but you could already see him branching out in to lighting and other fields. This series for 2017 is great to see, a collection of one-off ceramics titled ‘SCAPE’, all of which are sculpted by Bruce himself.

This collection consists a series of objects that are all glazed with earthy tones, they can be removed from their box and arranged as desired. The geometric forms are all unique and individually made at Bruce’s studio in Victoria, Australia, he has also used a range of Australian clays to keep the materials fairly local to him. A fantastic series and one I recommend you research in more detail, here are some photos but they can be purchased from Hub Furniture via the link below.

Photography by Lisa Cohen