Functional Objects by Bruce Rowe of Anchor Ceramics


It’s great when you hear the mixture of backgrounds that different creatives come from, especially those who ‘make’. In fact, I’m interviewing an interesting individual at the moment who certainly has a wide variety of influences and inspirations, I was shocked to hear all the different angles that he’s explored and the trips that he’s taken abroad. I guess all of this accumulates in the end and leads to a certain point of creation, shaped by the patterns and inconsistencies of life.

A small Australian pottery studio caught my attention this week that goes by the name of Anchor Ceramics, it seems like a new endeavour based in the Pop & Scott Collective Workshop in Northcote, Victoria. Interestingly, Australia is quite a hub for creativity, they have some quality design shops and a nice eye when it comes to aesthetic, particularly in the craft field where they mix contemporary with a subtle amount of quirkiness. This project was established by architect and designer Bruce Rowe, who wanted to make functional ceramic products that enhance our daily lives and the quality of the spaces we occupy.

As one would imagine, Bruce uses his experiences as an architect to develop each piece in the range, treating each as a design project in itself. This involves models, design drawings, prototyping and testing, arriving at the final piece which is scrutinised down to the last detail. What I like is Bruce’s appreciation for handmade methods and timeless processes, even though he’s maybe more ‘classically’ trained to deal with grid lines and structure, he sees the value in this specific craft. Hoping to make objects that can be passed down from generation to generation.

I’ve selected a few photos that I thought summarised the Anchor studio’s work well, also a shot of Bruce making on the wheel thanks to an article by The Design Files, which is worthy of a read if you have a spare few minutes. Overall I hope you enjoy these and you’ll check out the Anchor webpage for more, there’s also a small selection available to buy in their webshop.










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